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Businesses spend a lot of time and money on their websites to get results. When the competition is ranked higher, or the business website is under-performing, Business Intel Strategies are needed. Services based on competitive research can provide businesses with many answers regarding their website, and those of their competitors. Reports and information are researched and complied by consultants and analysts to let businesses know who their competitors are, what strategies they are using, what their social media activity level is, and why they may be ranking higher or generating more revenue from their websites. Reports can also let businesses know why their website may be under-performing and what is needed to improve the site and increase traffic.

A Competitor Analysis report, for example, focuses on the competition. Ongoing tracking lets businesses know what keywords are working well for the competition, what secrets and strategies they are using, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to utilize the information to gain advantage in rankings. Competitors Keywords may be useful in developing new keywords for the business. A Keyword Analysis Report focuses on the business itself. That tells businesses which keywords their current customers use. This report looks at all the keywords people type into Google to find the specific business products or services. Reports are available in four levels, depending on the goal of the business. The Effective level of this report, for example, works well for short-term strategies. Comprehensive and Superior levels provide more in-depth information that will help the business develop long-term search engine optimization strategies. The Epic level covers all possible keywords, and every combination.

A Demand Analysis report is great for businesses interested in expanding into a new product or service, or people interested in starting a new business. This report informs owners and perspective business owners of the online demand, or the lack of online demand. It includes current demand, seasonal trends, projections, competition, and keywords used in relevant searches. A Website User Experience report pinpoints strengths and weakness of the current business website. It indicates how many people have visited the site, what pages were viewed, and how long people spend browsing the site. That information lets the business know what elements of the site are successful, what needs to be changed or updated, and what should be eliminated altogether. Other services available include web design, social media training or marketing, and Sales Funnel Reverse Engineering.

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