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In the competitive market of today, the stakes are high. The economy has yet to fully recover, people are paid minimum wage, or are out of work, and many markets are saturated. There are so many online businesses, and traditional businesses with an online presence, that getting and staying head of the competition can be more and more difficult. It is no longer enough to update content and manage social media pages. Businesses have to know exactly who the competition is, what the competition is doing, and what marketing strategies are working for them.

Business Intel Strategies, of which there are several, have been developed to help businesses improve rankings, attract more customers, and increase revenues through a better understanding of how their competitors operate online. Competitors Keywords may be more successful that keywords currently being targeted by the business. Consultants and business analysts provide many services based on competitive research. A Competitor Analysis Report, for example, can inform a business who their competitors really are, which may be surprising. It also provides information regarding what keywords are used by the competition, and whether or not those are successful, what their online strategies are, along with secrets and strengths, and their social media activity levels. That knowledge can help businesses avoid competitor mistakes, learn from successes, gain a better understanding of why their site is under performing, and develop new strategies to improve their website.

Other reports include Keyword Analysis, Demand Analysis, Website User Experience, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All reports are available in four different levels. The Effective level is a great start for small businesses, and includes the information for one competitor. The Comprehensive level tracks three competitors, and the Superior level provides more information and more in-depth analysis of three competitors. The Epic level includes in-depth analysis for four competitors, tailored advice, and suggested techniques to utilize competitor strengths and weaknesses to dominate the online market.

Sales Funnel Reverse Engineering services are also offered. This provides strategies designed to attract people to the site, engage them at different levels, and entice them to purchase products or services. An email or a blog, for example, directs people to the website, where a sign-in option or one-time offer is presented. That is followed up with another email, an invitation to re-visit the site, or a different sales offer. The customer is actively engaged and spends more time on the website. They can become regular customers, spread the word to friends, and place the website on their social media pages.

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