Reverse Engineering Buyer Keywords

Outsmart The Competition

Coming up with a brand new marketing plan does not mean having to start from scratch. Naturally enough, companies that have tried other approaches in the past often benefit from taking what works from them forward into a new marketing environment. There are plenty of other ways of usefully leveraging past effort, too, and not all of them involve making further use of work that was done in house.

In fact, looking to what competitors have done can be even more useful. Every participant in a market will have a different perspective on it, understanding things that others overlook and bringing unique takes on things to the table. Those who make the effort to root out and understand what competitors are doing can therefore benefit not just from the work these others have done, but also the distinctive perspectives that are implied in it.

One frequently productive way of getting started is to kick off with some keyword research. Instead of using the usual tools that are designed to winnow a huge pile of candidates down to a few standouts, it often makes sense to head to the websites of competing companies. Competitors Keywords will typically stand out in their copy in fairly obvious ways, with those that are deemed the most valuable receiving the most attention and cropping up in the most compelling content.

Results that are obtained in this way can then be combined with what emerges from research efforts of other kinds. While it can certainly be possible to proceed further on the basis of the keywords that are discovered on the sites of competitors, it often makes more sense to use these findings to flesh out a better rounded picture.

Business Intel Strategies of this basic kind are by no means confined to mere keyword research, either. Sales Funnel Reverse Engineering often proves to be every bit as useful, sometimes even to the point of illuminating ways to greatly improve the effectiveness of a given in-house funnel. More or less any public-facing marketing activity that a competitor undertakes can be plumbed in these ways, even if it can sometimes take a little effort and imagination to fill in the gaps.

Reusing past work, of course, is almost always something that makes sense, when possible. It often turns out, though, that the most valuable and rewarding kind of reuse is not of internal effort and projects, but that which focuses on revealing what competitors are doing and have done, instead.

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